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Total eclipse of the...profit? YES!

Happy Friday!

One of the reasons I love this newsletter is because I can throw crazy and/or dumb ideas out there and see what everyone thinks. BTW, I reply to every single email and read every single word of feedback you leave on your poll responses, so thank you. If I didn’t respond to an email of yours, I promise it’s on accident, so email me again and call me a liar and I’ll repent and send an extra long response.

Ok, I haven’t had my adderall yet today because that last paragraph went off the rails. Let’s try that again.

I love seeing what you all think about these ideas before blasting them out to the world on X. And also, I love dreaming that one of you will start one of these ideas, with or without me, and so you’ll get first look by subscribing here. There’s only 2,857 of us here, after all! If you haven’t noticed, when I post something that I’ve already emailed about, it is edited and trimmed down significantly. The real juice is nestled snugly within the nouns, verbs and adjectives of this email.

Ok, let’s get to it.

Guys, do you realize there’s a massive total eclipse coming in 3.5 months? Do you realize that the last one was in 2017 and was viewed by 215 million people? That’s twice the viewership of the Super Bowl. And you know what that means right? My 2nd favorite P word:


But, 2017 had a problem. The eclipse went through tiny little towns, plus Nashville. See below:

If you don’t remember, it was a big deal! AirBnBs sold out along the path, and people drove hours and hours to catch a glimpse.

And now, we have another shot at it.

And not just that, but it’s going to pass over bigger cities this time, DFW included:

I added up the population sizes, and the 2024 eclipse will pass over cities that have about 2.5x the cumulative population as 2017’s.

Not only is this eclipse going through bigger cities, but it’ll be a beautiful time of year as well. A perfect time of year for…running a 5k.

How cool would it be to run a 1 mile, 5k or 10k in the middle of a total eclipse? It’ll happen in the early afternoon on Monday, April 8th.

Even better, how cool would it be to profit from that?

Well, you’re in luck, because I own eclipse5k .com and eclipse10k .com. But no, there’s nothing on those websites (yet). No use typing into your browser.

That’s where you come in. If I had more time to find an operator for this, here’s exactly what I’d do. Please steal (or at least borrow) my playbook:

Step 1:

Find an out of the box website solution that can allow you to create a simple race day website. I found a few for ya:

I’ve never used any of these tools, because I’ve never hosted a race, but the top one seems like the best bet. I don’t know them and have never used them, but I know they can handle alllll the logistical aspects of a race, from the website to the timing, bibs, chips, etc. I’ve ran in several races that they put on and everything went smoothly.

Step 2:

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